May 08, 2013

Praise through adversity...

Last Thursday was my husbands first day at his new job, Saturday was his last. Yet still, I am not worried. I believe that as surely as the Lord brought this job about, he will bring another. It’s so unfortunate that my husband is out of work once more. However, he and two other men based that decision upon discovering that they were lied to about their employment status. I asked my husband if they perhaps made an emotional decision, but after a long discussion, I stand by his decision not to return.

My heart especially goes out to one of those men, my husband shared that he has no food at home. He and his wife are trying their best to get by to feed themselves. I quickly realized just how fortunate we are, even in our similar circumstance. So, back to square one for us, but we are not afraid, we are thankful for what we have, and what God will surely supply. As everything unfolded, I was quickly reminded of the lyrics to “Praise you through the storm” by Casting Crowns.

“I lift my eyes up to the hill, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth”.

That’s more than enough for me.

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