November 14, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

My family and friends have been hounding me about Christmas gift ideas. My answer remains the same…Nothing! I’ve come to realize that there isn’t anything that I want or need. I don’t care about material things, the latest gadgets or fanciest phones (I’ve had mine for 4 years). I just want to enjoy the holiday and enjoy my family.

I want to curl up on the bed along with our cats on Christmas day and watch my favorite holiday movies. I want to watch my family open their gifts and see their smiles. Because they are stubborn just like myself, they’ve tried to go around me and ask my Husband. I’ve told him to give them the same answer or tell them something generic like a “pack of socks or a bottle of perfume”. They hate that answer, but it’s the truth.

When there is something I need or want, I usually go out and get it if the price is right. I don’t wait to trouble others for it. I refuse to let anyone spend more than $10 bucks on me, I feel like it’s just not right for others to spend their hard earned money. Believe me, I am gracious when someone gives me a gift, but I just want the intangible.

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