June 26, 2013

Life Updates...

I previously shared the excitement of purchasing a new car, the pros and cons and the pains of a new car payment. Thank fully, the excitement hasn’t disappeared and the vehicle (named Mumford) is driving like a champ. I am also so pleased that my older car, (Kermit) is also running so well.

There have been a great many changes, challenges and joys that have come our way. It was an unexpected decision to take a break from blogging, part of the changes that took place and work demands have kept me from doing what I enjoy.

The emergency fund almost took another hit yesterday when we rushed our cat, Zoe to the hospital. $350.00 dollars later, we were quite grateful that the treatment is simple, and we were able to get her back home within an hour. We elected to apply for “Care Credit” for animals and received a fair credit line with no interest if paid in full with in 6 months. Aside from the new car, we have not established any new lines of credit in 5 years. Ultimately, it came down to having this credit line for any future veterinary needs for any of our three cats. We are confident with our trust in God supplying for our needs that we will be able to pay it in full with out paying a penny of interest. Though it was frustrating to have to consider dipping into the emergency fund, I am so thankful that it is there for such unforeseen challenges.

Another challenge I was facing was staying focused. I needed to make a change for my sanity and for my job. I have been working hard at becoming more organized with my time and paperwork. I’ve found that it has helped me tremendously and has enhanced my ability to stay productive.

One of the personal goals I am working hard on is to pay off the new car loan in 3 years rather than 4. My husband and I discussed reaffirming our commitment to saving money and cutting back on non essentials so that we can achieve this goal. It will demand a lot of sacrifice but we know that in the end, it will be worth it.

That’s just a brief update, there’s much more to come.

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