July 11, 2011

Went Shopping....anomalies abound!

All Sally Hansen beauty tools are on sale 30% off at Walgreens with $5 in RR if you purchase $10 or more.

4 Sally Hansen eyebrow shapers @ $4.99 discounted to $3.49 after 30% off sale (had four $2.00 off Q)= $6.00. Received $5.00 in RR (I'm unsure if there was a fluke in the system that still allowed me to get the $5 RR even though my total was less than $10).

4 Sally Hansen emory boards @ $1.99 discounted to $1.09 after 30% off sale (had four $2.00 off Q), at the checkout the cashier and I realized that the coupon explicitly stated that the purchase price had to be at least $3.00 to receive the coupon discount, however the manager of the store who happened to be standing alongside the cashier advised that she could accept it. Her acceptance of the four coupons provided an overage that paid for the Sally Hansen clippers in the picture above. My total OOP expense=.42 cents

Today, I received 2 FREE Business card holders from 1 Sale a Day that I ordered last month, they finally arrived today...Woohoo!

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