July 20, 2011

Recycle Bank (earn rewards)

Recyclebank is a website that promotes Earth Friendly activities such as recycling, conservation and more. With Recyclebank, you can earn points by completing simple tasks like watching commercials, taking short quizzes, recycling and more. As you earn points, you can use them towards coupons! Once your account is created, click on “Earn Points”, below are just a few to help get you started. Keep in mind that some coupons are mailed and some you may print out by clicking the “Get Rewards” category.

*50 Points Green Your Vacation Contest– Camping– click on Silver Camper for 1o pts, Hiking Boots for 10 pts, Green Camp Stove for 10 pts, Flashlight for 5 pt, Red Canoe for 5 pts, Red Tent for 10 pts.
*55 Points Green Your Vacation Contest– Travel- blue car for 10 pts, Green Car for 10 pts, Flying Red Lunchbox for 10 pts, Airplane for 10 pts, Train for 5 pts, Cruise ship for 10 pts.
*55+ Points – Green Your Vacation Contest– Beach- Hotel for 10 pts, Green Book for 5 pts, Crab for 10 pts, Aveeno for 10 pts, Beach bag for 10 pts, Snorkling for 10 pts.

25 Points – Watch Kashi Video and Take 3 Question Quiz
25 Points – Pampers Learn & Earn
25 Points – Tide Learn & Earn
5 Points – Purina’s Make an Impact with Your Pets
10+ Points – P&G Future Challenge.
25 Points – Dove Green Your Bathroom
50 Points – Aveeno

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