July 23, 2011

Save on baby...

If you are a new parent, there are a variety of online resources where you can obtain freebies, great money saving coupons, samples, and more. Having a baby is such a huge expense, why not save money every way you can? Below are just a few helpful resources to score those perks!

1. Baby to Bee
Baby to Bee is a website and email list that offers pregnancy and baby articles, brand samples, coupons, and more.

2. Pampers Gifts to Grow
Pampers puts reward codes on every box of diapers and wipes. You can sign up online and enter those codes. Once you have enough of them, you can redeem them for free stuff. I have personally redeemed codes for free Leap Pad books for my daughter. Pampers also regularly offers free Gifts to Grow codes. You can subscribe to our free daily Best Deals Newsletter to get those codes when they are available.

3. Similac Strong Moms
Similac is one of the best companies out there as far as freebies and discounts go. If you sign up with them you will regularly get $5+ coupons and samples.

4. Gerber
Gerber has a variety of offers on its website. This includes an email list that will net you over $100 in coupons, special offers on Gerber life insurance, and even offers on clothing.

5. Enfamil
Enfamil is currently offering up to $250 in free gifts, plus coupons, when you sign up with them online.

6. Amazon Mom 
Sign up and get huge discounts on diapers, formula, and even three months of free two-day shipping. Check out the benefits of the 'subscribe and save options' coupled with the Amazon Mom 30% discount. You can get your essentials nearly half price in some cases, all with free shipping.

7. Shutterfly
Sign up with Shutterfly, and get 50 free prints. You can store your photos forever with them, and there is no limit to space. They also have a quick website designer (free) that features your photos for family and friends to share and order. With Shutterfly, you can order your prints online and have them sent to your local Target or Walgreens for pickup. Also they frequently run free and discounted offers for their existing customers, they are great as holiday presents.

Story credit: Wisebread!

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