August 24, 2011

Don't dump it....

I recently read a story that provided ideas for those looking to do a little bit of spring cleaning, by the end of the article I was quite disappointed by their advice to dump out old & unused items. I immediately asked myself 'why anyone would want to throw anything away? I wouldn't be able to call myself frugal then turn around and throw aged or unused items in the trash. My advice, first try your hand at a yard sale (nothing wrong with making a little money) then whatever items remain, consider a donation to a local community outreach center or Salvation Army/Goodwill. There are far too many people in need that could use those items (i.e. clothing, shoes, glasses, etc.). Who ever felt bad about sharing what they have? I'd feel worse for throwing away a perfectly good item that could have found a new home with someone that could appreciate it a little bit longer!

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